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Diana: The People’s Princess

Diana was a great Mother and taught her boys that love was the only thing that mattered. Often, she explained, when somebody is lucky enough to find love, to cherish it and never let it go. Sometimes as I look back at her pictures, I felt sorry for her because she looked troubled and was stalked by the media. Her boys loved her dearly, however, I am sure they didn’t like all the media attention surrounding her. She was their Mommy and happily shared their childhood with them. She loved to go to amusement parks and go on rides like a little kid. You could see her happiness in all those pictures circulating around the world.

In the 1995 interview with BBC reporter Martin Bashir she admitted adultery with James Hewitt, and that she was bulimic and suffered from depression too. Dianna talked about her separation from the Prince of Wales. She was hurt that two years before her husband, Charles, had an interview and told the world he had an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Unfortunately, she was still in love with the Prince and did not want a divorce. Diana, also loved her work and found meaning in helping others. Shortly after the interview the Queen wrote her son and daughter-in-law a letter asking them to seek an early divorce. Diana was stripped of her title,
“Her Royal Highness,” and given a new name “Diana, Princess of Wales.” She was awarded a large sum of money and yearly alimony to run her private office and take care of her needs. The couple were to share custody of their sons.

Two years later in 1997, Diana was killed in a car accident with her lover, Dodi Fayed in Paris. People from all around the world mourned her death. Her boys were paralyzed with grief. However, Diana gave them the strength and love to go on.

In the forthcoming blogs, I will tell you a lot about William and Harry and how they began slowly to break from tradition. Both remembered their mother’s zest for life and how she would have been the best grandparent to their children.

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