Trish Silver

Trish Silver

I was born and raised in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.    I  developed a love of writing in high school and continued the process at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Journalism.  Later, a  couple of my hometown friends moved to Los Angeles.  They convinced me to come and rent an apartment with them for the summer.  I was hooked and decided to stay. Then I met and married Ed Silver.  We have two boys, Matt and David.   After our kids were grown,  my friend, a musical performer and a job with a creative management agency continue to spark my desire to write even more.

Now  I am a published author of three books.  I was inspired to write the first, When I Remember Love,  after closely following the journey of a real American Idol from his television debut to his realization of a life-changing career. This journey provided me insight into the characteristics of a phenomenal fan base, as well as an inside look at how someone can find the strength to stay grounded despite the unsettling impact of stardom.   The other two are part of a series of children’s books inspired by Wizzie, my real wonder dog.  Read more about this on the  About the Book page on this website.

In this photo are my granddaughter Sarah, my husband and myself,  my grandson, Jack,  my son, Matt and seated, my son, David.   My daughter-in-law, Kathy was with us as well.  We were on one of many vacations together


Diana was a great Mother and taught her boys that love was the only thing that mattered. Often, she explained, when somebody is lucky enough to find love, to cherish it and never let it go. Sometimes as I look back at her pictures, I felt sorry for her because she looked troubled and was...
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About the Books

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When I Remember Love

When I Remember Love

Trish Silver is the author of the romance novel,  “When I Remember Love.” She has just signed a publishing agreement with “Righter’s Mill Press” and a option purchase agreement with “Three  Corner’s Entertainment”. She advises other Indie authors to never give up!.Trish is also a songwriter and has a small team of three.  They made some beautiful music together to go along with her published novel. When I Remember Love is available on Amazon  in paperback and eBook formats.

In the romance novel, a beautiful young woman grieving the sudden death of her mother is invited to stay with her favorite aunt in California. As she arrives in Los Angeles, Jenna Holden has no idea that her life is about to change forever.
Jenna’s aunt, Vanessa, a music agent, has just signed Aidan Price, a gifted and promising new performer who bears a striking resemblance to a young Johnny Depp. Aidan has come to Hollywood to compete on American Star, a very popular televised singing competition. Vanessa arranges for Jenna to meet Aidan at lunch, and their connection is instantaneous and electric. From there they begin a sizzling courtship that leads them on a whirlwind journey through the demanding music business and media scrutiny that accompanies Aidan’s newfound fame. Despite all the intrusions which result inevitably from success in the entertainment world, Aidan and Jenna create a passionate and loving life together—a life, though, that is soon to become much more complicated than the “easy” life we so often assume comes with fame and fortune.
As they are forced to deal with the pressures of international fame, a devastating illness, and an unspeakable traumatic event, Aidan and Jenna‘s relationship and commitment to each other are tested in many unpredictable ways as they attempt to prevail over the seemingly insurmountable challenges that come with their own personal and intimate experience of stardom.

Wizzie the Wonderdog

Wizzie the Wonderdog

Trish Silver has  always been interested in keeping the memory of her beloved yorkie, Wizzie alive by writing a children’s book telling the true story of an incident when Wizzie, her yorkie was a true hero.  She is happy to have found, Lynne Berger, a talented Children’s author to join her to co-author the series. There are already two books, Wizzie the Wonder Dog and Wizzie Goes to Hollywood, published as paperbacks and are in the process of being made into interactive eBooks.  This format will be “read-along” where the words will be highlighted as they are spoken by professional voice actors. Trish and Lynne are committed to help educate, entertain, and provide literacy to children through this series.

I saw the most unbelievable happening. My adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Wizzie saved a drowning kitten from my family’s pool in San Diego. It was an astonishing act of bravery for this 6½ lb. bundle of fur. If you know anything about a Yorkie, they’re fearless and have a big dog’s demeanor.   Being a writer, I knew I had a story to tell. However, I wasn’t a children’s picture book writer. When I spoke to my friend Lynne Berger about it, she thought it would make a great story and we should write it.  We would like to introduce you to ‘Wizzie’, my very own wonder dog. I think this story will reinstate your belief in courage and heroism.  Please feel free to ask us any questions about Wizzie or our plans for this wondrous series. We would welcome your inputs and encouragement.    Raman B. is an excellent illustrator, who made Wizzie come alive on paper for your children and grandchildren alike. Our editor Jagdeep Sambey believes that a children’s book should not just entertain, but instruct and educate also. There is a time to develop a child’s passion for reading and the time is NOW!  We’re proud to bring you this amazing story.

Wizzie goes to Hollywood

Wizzie goes to Hollywood

In WIZZIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Wizzie learns that a coin, belonging to the family’s great-grandfather, sewn into the hem of his cape, really does possess magical and psychic powers. To his shock and surprise he finds he has been transformed into a real live Super Hero with a mission in life – rescuing others and keeping them from harm. The goal of his new life as a Wonder Dog, transports him into an intriguing fantasy world where exciting adventures take him to the unlikeliest of places,

Trish Silver is the co-author of the Wizzie series The book is based on a true story. She is happy to have found a talented Children’s author to join her to co-author the series. There are already two books published as paperbacks and are in the process of being made into interactive eBooks. This format will be “read-along” where the words will be highlighted as they are spoken by professional voice actors. Trish and Lynne are committed to education and literacy.

These prolific authors already have a new adventure written. It will be published when their fantastic illustrator, Raman, has completed the illustrations This book will introduce fabulous new characters to the adventures. More will be added with each new book in the series. The authors are committed to making this series fresh and fun with each new book.

Since Wizzie is a HERO, there are so many great storylines to feature in the series. Trish and Lynne are in agreement that everyone who gets to know Wizzie will certainly fall in love with him and the rest of the characters. They are anxious to introduce Wizzie to young readers everywhere.


“When I Remember Love” was an incredible novel . . . romantic and suspenseful. The characters literally jumped off the pages . . . as they were so very well developed and real. While reading I felt that the characters were my good friends, as they were so realistic. I am very hopeful that this book will be made into a movie that I can see at the theater, and later purchase one for my home. I strongly urge the committee to make this well-written book into a movie.

Editorial Review

When I Remember Love will transport you back to the days when deep loving and commitment truly meant something. The author, Trish Silver, will pull you in and make you a part of the lives of Aidan and Jenna as they cope with the pressures of a contemporary relationship colored by the highs and lows of fame and the joys and sorrows of everyday life. This book is for everyone who needs to have their faith in love restored….and the author accomplishes this on a grand scale!!

Ina Merritt

WHEN I REMEMBER LOVE by Trish Silver is about a young couple very much in LOVE. When i started reading it i could not put it down. I actually read it three times. Her writing is very exquisite and detailed.Yes it will leave tears in your eyes.it is a must read.for all who love love stories.it will hold your attention from beginning to end. Such a wonderful and brilliant writer.

Mae Ritter

Not only did I have the honor of reading this magnificent novel but I was so very blessed to have author, Trish Silver, as a guest on my blog talk radio show, Unforgettable Facebook Connections. The strangest thing is that although, I absolutely adored the book, from cover to cover, now that I am finished with it, it is having much more of an impact on me. The characters were so vivid and so welcoming that I cannot get them out of my mind. I love the way Trish was so descriptive in sharing their lovemaking and yet, I did not feel the novel was trashy at all… if anything, it was so pure, so innocent and so beautifully written. I cannot wait to meet “my Aidan.” Thank you so much, Trish!

Cheryl Resnick

When I Remember Love is the first book I’ve read from cover to cover since college. Shame on me, but I’m not a big reader. I guess it was meant for me to read the book. I was on a two week cruise and I set aside time every day to read for an hour. I was hooked on it when I started. I couldn’t wait for my reading time each day. It had me emotionally connected to the characters and kept me interested in what was going to happen next. I loved the passion, the goodness and the strength in the characters. I hope to think of myself as possessing these traits and as I read more I related more. I can’t wait to read Trish’s next book.

Phil Birdsell

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