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What is the difference between sex in America and Europe?

At this time, in the United States sex is whispered about, snickered about by teens, and considered “dirty” in most places. In the U.S., seeing a woman’s breast on TV is said to be filth. R-Rated movies, is something children should never be allowed to see. In Europe and Australia, there is a more grown-up approach. They are not “shocked” or “appalled.” In fact, the majority of adults probably wouldn’t even notice. The most humorous comedy skits and engaging advertising on European Television would be considered embarrassing, far too suggestive, and absolutely inappropriate for general audiences in America. Sex is a healthy and natural act overseas. Sexuality is open, explored and enjoyed. It’s not a dirty deed to be saved for the marriage bed, a filthy F-word, or something to sneak around and do only to be ashamed of later.  Americans protect their friends, children, and co-workers from having an illicit sexual encounter. Europeans are open, relaxed about it and even relish the thought. Furthermore, can you in America talk to a neighbor about sex? Europeans can discuss it as easily as discussing the weather or brushing their teeth. Sex is an act that everybody does. Nobody is disgusted by, and is a healthy behavior. When Janet Jackson’s boob fell out of her dress on National Television, Americans talked about it for weeks. Europeans went on about their daily lives unaffected. It happens, what’s the big deal? Until Americans grow up and accept sex as a natural, wonderful, sharing act…as long as they forbid it, whisper about it like a bunch of teenagers, and find the whole topic “unmentionable” Europeans will always be far ahead of the Americans in maturity and sexual satisfaction.

Not Another, Cheating, Drug Abusing Rockstar Celebrity Porn Story

The reason that I just wrote my last blog about the homeless is because it’s a big part of my book. I don’t want anyone to think that my book is one dimensional, because my novel is so much more. I hope that my book not only arouses people’s sexual senses, but raises their awareness and social consciousness. I wrote “When I Remember Love,” not only to titillate but to show that fidelity can exist among married couples in love.

I was watching Nightline the other night and saw a segment called “Born to Cheat?” On the show Pastor Ed Young said that if a couple has a great sexual life it’s not necessary for the spouses to stray outside the marriage. This passage about passion and sexuality is actually a scripture in the bible. This validates to me the choice I made early on to craft my characters with integrity and fidelity. I was glad that I didn’t bow to the pressures from publishers and evaluators to add more conflict through cheating and drug use. I wanted this not to be the typical pop star rise and fall story about a celebrity being corrupted by fame and fortune. I wanted to prove that you one could write an exciting story without stooping to that level.

By the way, I’m still struggling with blogging but I’m learning to tolerate it.


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