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“A gift for all of those who have given up on romantic love, infused with some of the most erotic love scenes that this reader has ever had the pleasure of reading. Trish Silver has presented a beautifully crafted love story dealing with social issues, inner struggles and the human spirit overcoming adversity. This book demonstrates how family love can triumph over tragedy. The descriptive sexual scenes draw the readers into this contemporary romance novel and leave them craving more.”
-Leon Williams, film producer,creator of the singles group, Conversations.

I am Trish Silver, the author of “When I Remember Love.” The novel is a sweeping contemporary romance about the emergence of a new star, a handsome singer/musician/songwriter, and his exciting journey to superstardom. During the writing of this novel it became obvious to me that I wanted to include original songs. I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with talented people who wanted to make the journey with me, and so our songwriting team was born. While brainstorming, our team decided it would be ideal to make available a downloadable companion CD with each song keyed to a definite, corresponding critical moment in the story, in order to enhance the readers’ experience and make them feel like they are part of the story. With this innovative “mated-multimedia approach,” we knew readers would be virtually treated to front-row seats at a sold-out pop star concert.

Our team consists of accomplished pianist/composer, Alan DiCenzo; talented and published writer/poet/lyricist, Judy Simpson and me, Trish Silver, author. We brought our own individual talents to this project and inspired one another to capture the shining essence of this beautiful love story and, we hope, the hearts of our many romantic readers/listeners.

If you’re an agent, publisher, editor, film producer or music producer and would like a copy of this book, query letter and/or synopsis please contact me here.


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