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I found this site for authors at They have some interesting advantages for authors. Please visit my profile on the site.  The more visitors I have the more chances I have to be featured and interviewed on the site.  If you make a profile on the site, I will visit you.  I encourage all authors who are featured on any page on this site to make a profile and visit each other. .  We need to help each other to market our books.  Please, please, please visit the Promote Your Books page on this site.  There is so many great ideas and links to help you.

Happy New Year from Trish Silver

I know that I haven’t blogged recently and please forgive me.  First of all, I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2010. This year will be special, I can feel it.  Please take the time to pray that the people of Haiti will come back from this horrific tragedy and give what you can monetarily. We’re an incredible giving country.  I’m proud to be a citizen of this great nation.

I want to thank Lynne Berger, a talented writer that I have admired for ages, for her heartfelt review of my novel. When I started to write “When I Remember Love,” I never thought that the book would ever be finished, much less entertain and impact so many people’s lives. I feel blessed that God gave me the talent to use my voice through my writing. Please read Lynne’s review that I have posted below, and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.


This is an exciting romantic novel, by Trish Silver, a fabulous new author who weaves an endearing and timeless love story.  Ms. Silver is an insider in the entertainment business, and she offers an insightful look at what life is truly like for a reality singing superstar after the final performance. Despite the trials of fame, fortune and personal tragedy, the story embodies a truth that reaches the hearts and souls of readers because in the final analysis, love is all that really matters.

Ms. Silver is a natural born story-teller whose unabashed look at life is brilliant and insightful, and her story is a page turner written with a note of magic as well as a dose of inspiration for those contemplating a serious relationship. She especially describes sex in marriage as a gift to be enjoyed rather than something to be tolerated, taken for granted, or gotten over with quickly. This delightful and entertaining story is written with the honest intention of helping those who are considering marriage. It is both hot and sexy as well as provocative and intelligent. It also provides a thoughtful look at what’s necessary to achieve true marital bliss. It could very well serve as a primer for marriage, aptly entitled Marriage 101!

Lynne Berger is a journalist and free-lance writer, and the former founder and director of The Enchanted Forest Children’s Theatre and Learning Center in Tarzana, California.

Ignite the Magic Flame in Your Relationship

One night I had a dream and that dream turned into a passionate love story, “When I Remember Love.” Actually, my central characters kept telling me their tale and guided me through my journey of writing their marital love affair. I felt that Jenna and Aidan channeled their love through my words. I’m humbled and honored that they chose me as their conduit.  In high school I read the incredible novel, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” At the time it was published it was a controversial novel, but it became a classic. Apart from the wonderful, and by modern standards not at all outrageous, romantic/erotic aspect, this novel surprised me with its accurate and touching insight into protagonists’ minds as well as the social and political landscape of England’s post WWI era. It was an easy, fast and absolutely deep read. I loved it at the time and felt it was something special. I hope when people read “When I Remember Love,” they will experience the same enjoyment and feel it to be special.

I’m proud to present a review from a highly respected psychologist who understands the true essence of my novel. I thank her for her kind words.

When I Remember Love, is a beautifully written love story that reinforces the importance of keeping the flame alive in relationships through passionate yet tender, consistent and thoughtful lovemaking. This book focuses on and teaches couples how to connect with each other sexually and psychologically in magical ways that enhance and enrich the relationship. Aidan and Jenna are able to transcend inordinate amounts of life stressors because of their deep committed bond to each other. Their desire to make each other feel special enables them to deal unwavering with the challenges they endure. I recommend all couples read this book to learn how to continually ignite the magic in their relationships.

Recommended by Helen Grusd, Ph.D

Recommended by Helen Grusd, Ph.D


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