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Not Another, Cheating, Drug Abusing Rockstar Celebrity Porn Story

The reason that I just wrote my last blog about the homeless is because it’s a big part of my book. I don’t want anyone to think that my book is one dimensional, because my novel is so much more. I hope that my book not only arouses people’s sexual senses, but raises their awareness and social consciousness. I wrote “When I Remember Love,” not only to titillate but to show that fidelity can exist among married couples in love.

I was watching Nightline the other night and saw a segment called “Born to Cheat?” On the show Pastor Ed Young said that if a couple has a great sexual life it’s not necessary for the spouses to stray outside the marriage. This passage about passion and sexuality is actually a scripture in the bible. This validates to me the choice I made early on to craft my characters with integrity and fidelity. I was glad that I didn’t bow to the pressures from publishers and evaluators to add more conflict through cheating and drug use. I wanted this not to be the typical pop star rise and fall story about a celebrity being corrupted by fame and fortune. I wanted to prove that you one could write an exciting story without stooping to that level.

By the way, I’m still struggling with blogging but I’m learning to tolerate it.

The Plight of the Homeless (Jenna’s House,”When I Remember Love.”)

Trish Silver talks about homelessness, one of the social issues spotlighted in her novel, "When I Remember Love." Trish has a dream to build Jenna's House for the homeless which she projects in the novel, "When I Remember Love." Read the rest of this entry »

Barbecue, Shanghai Rummy-How I Relax

Sorry fans that I missed two days of blogging. I went to a barbeque on Sunday, needing to get away from my computer. My leg was developing sciatica and was hurting like the devil. So my dear husband and I were off to a day of surf and turf. Well, I did eat shrimp and sat in a lukewarm Jacuzzi since it was 110 degrees in sunny California. Okay, so it was a poor man’s surf and turf, but it was great for my psyche. I tried not to think about writing or marketing my book and just enjoyed the afternoon and evening. Sitting in the spa for hours, talking with friends was heavenly until we finally heard the vociferous call that the lamb chops were done. We hurried into the house for a great dinner and much needed socializing with friends.

One of my friends asked how the book was selling. I said, “Great for an unknown author.”

The conversation suddenly changed to other topics. I’m used to my friends being indifferent. I thought to myself, but wait until I turn into a famous writer, then I will get the respect that I deserve!

When I got home, I tried to get it together. I checked my blog and still no comments. Staring at my computer in disbelief, I thought how could this happen. So I played free poker on line to ease my pain.

The next morning, I worked on my continuing second novel. In the late afternoon, I went to play cards with my little old lady friend from Pasadena. Her name is Rose, she’s 90 and sharp as a tack. She’s unbelievable…no health problems and very serious about her card games…a no nonsense type of gal. I love games and gambling! It runs in my family. My father died in front of a slot machine. He had a massive coronary. Maybe that will be my fate too. We played Shanghai Rummy from 5:30 until 1 a.m. She beat me four out of six games. There are nine different games to one set. So that makes 56 games in all. I went home trampled, but happy. I love her company and spunk. I want to be her when I grow up!

By the way, the California fires were burning all around us. On my way home, the smoke came blasting through the air-conditioning vents and I was afraid they were going to close the freeway or I was going to die of asphyxiation. However, I made it home safely. It’s sad how two firemen lost their lives fighting these horrific fires. I’m grieving for them and their families. We experienced a fire once and believe me, it was scary. Our house took eight months to be rebuilt, and we lost a lot of things…just things. Everybody lived and that was all that mattered.

It’s late, my eyes are closing, and tomorrow I’m listening to a teleseminar about Facebook and other social media sites. Stay tuned for some valuable information on networking and promotion. If you would like to leave a comment… you can.


Why I Hate to Blog

Blogging seems too time consuming and nonproductive. In my limited experience, no one seems to ever leave a comment and that to a writer is devastating. Why blog if no one reads it?

I’m an unknown author who has just written her first great American novel. Everyone thinks that their novel is the best and is going to be the next big Blockbuster. I actually think that my new romance novel, “When I Remember Love,” could very easily be adapted into film, it’s the new modern day “Love Story.” By the way, I even have a songwriting team…more about that later. My book is about a talented pop-star who tries out for a reality talent show and meets the love of his life before the finale. They marry quickly and begin their journey through the music industry together. You will find out what’s like to live with a major celebrity and have access to a backstage pass into the exciting world of a Superstar. I even dare to write about a married couple that has a HOT sex life.  With a lousy economy, studios closing at a rapid rate and me being an unknown HOT author (that’s the comments that I get from my fans…yes I do have fans), I’m a bit reluctant to blog often. However, I hired a marketing coach and an assistant, and they have ordered me…I mean requested that I blog. So even though I hate it, I will try to make it interesting and maybe, just maybe, you will comment and I will not be so pessimistic.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

Trish Silver


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