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Trish Silver Jewelry is a blend of uniqueness. Finest quality materials and designed by Trish Silver. Please browse the site below with one click.
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Holiday Euro-Bracelet Contest

You might not know this about me, but I design and make beautiful jewelry.  I have a website where you can purchase it:  All my jewelry is on sale.   You can go to the Holiday Sale Coupons to get the code to use when you checkout.  Just look for the Holiday Sale Coupon link on the left sidebar of the home page of the site.

Aside from that, I am very excited to announce my Holiday Contest where you can win a bracelet made just for you.   Here is how:
  • Enter the contest form below:
  • Click on the contest icon (app) on the Facebook page or stay on this page to fill out the form.
  • Fill out the contest form so I know where to send you the bracelet if you win.
  • There are three options to choose:
  • Tweet  about the contest (5 entries)
  • Like my Facebook page (5 entries)
  • Write a paragraph explaining which of my Euro-Bracelets you like the best and why, (The Euro-bracelets are in the style of the Her Royal Majesty above with a cost of $80.00.) (10 entries)
Tweet about the contest  ( This can be confusing to some people)
  • When you click on the option there is a tweet written for you.  Send the tweet.  Change it if you wish.
  • After you send it go to your Twitter page and find it.
  • Look for the time of the tweet on the right.  Click on it.



  • It will take you to the tweet URL page.  Copy the URL.






  • Then paste it into the space provided in the tweet option of the Contest Form on my Facebook page.
Like My Page
  • If you have already liked my Facebook page,  click the  “I Liked the Page” button in the contest form.
  • If not,  please like my page  then come to this option and click the “I Like The  Page button” (5 entries).
Write a Paragraph
  • Go to
  • Click on “All Products”  on the top of the home page.
  • Look at all the  Euro-Bracelets (all have a regular price of $80.00 but are discounted 25% at this time) they are basically this style:
  • Write the name and number of the bracelet you like best.
  • Write a paragraph about why you like it better than the others.  You can also make suggestions.
  • Send the paragraph as an attachment to my webmaster: Janis Friesler, at .
The paragraph will give me an idea of the style and colors you like best for the bracelet that I will make for you if you win. You will get 30 entries if you do it all. So that is all there is to it.  Please enter my Holiday Contest.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.  I hope you enjoy seeing all the jewelry I made for you. GOOD LUCK!


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The facts and fantasies of Internet dating



Have you been searching for love the conventional way, scouring the coffee houses and bars in the hopes of discovering your soul mate? Alternatively, have taken the plunge into the world of on-line dating, wallowing through prospective admirers. Here are some rules and suggestions to follow, termed “netiquette”, as you venture into the exciting world of online dating. :

1. Your profile is the most important feature of Internet dating. It needs to be clever and innovative. If your profile is not great, then you could be losing out on many potential dates. Furthermore, you could be losing out on meeting that special person that we all long for. It’s worth looking at other profiles to get a feel for what they say but don’t feel that you need to emulate them, for you are after all, unique, and you want to come across that way. Make sure that your profile stands out by writing the things that the others don’t have. This way, you can give others a real insight into your personality. Don’t lie or embellish your profile, as you’ll soon get trapped by your words.

2. Keep your emotional baggage at bay when it comes to writing a profile that works and when messaging potential dates. Everyone has problems. It’s impossible not to have something left over from a previous relationship – lack of confidence, financial concerns, a broken heart. Avoid putting your miseries on display for the whole world to see and to discuss. Keep your troubles hidden until you meet someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to share your feelings.

3. When you post a photo online, please remember that it’s supposed to represent you, so however tempting it is to post a photo of Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt, your date does need to know what you look like. Otherwise they are never going to find you when you meet.

4. True love needs interaction, and it’s also far from being skin deep. Respond when you get a message even if you don’t really desire the other person. There is no point in being impudent or cold. This person has real feelings. It’s fine to say, “no thanks” if you honestly feel that you are not suited on any level. At the opposite end of the scale, don’t play hard to get. If you like someone and they like you, be yourself, have fun, enjoy the interaction and don’t play games.

5. One of the almost guaranteed topics that will crop up repeatedly is the subject of sex. This might not come as much of a shock. Remember that you can interact with a fun chat if that’s what you want but make sure it’s reciprocated. Attempting to solicit sex, virtual or otherwise, too quickly may frighten off an otherwise potential mate.

6. When writing to your future date, there is no need to write essays. Capitalize on brevity and make the most of a short message by making every word count. Save the life story as a topic of interest for when you first meet.

7. An important safety tip is to remember that until you meet in a safe place, you are relying upon the word of the individual to reflect whom they truly are. Don’t think that everyone out there in Internet land is a wonderful enchanted being who is going to come and mesmerize you with their charm and whisk you off to fantasy land. Beware of those who promise you Xanadu. Fantasy is a wonderful, erotic tool, but until you are comfortable and have met your mate keep a foot planted firmly on the ground of the real world. On-line Internet dating offers a lot of potential but there is no magic wand. Be cautious not to give out too much information before establishing a bond.

Relationships are hard work, and you’ll have to take the good with the bad, but if you follow these commandments, you’ll enjoy the whole dating experience. In my next blog, you will experience the perspective of my friend Alice, who is familiar with on-line dating. Her stories are hilarious so stay tuned.

My Friend Ruchel

Earlier in my blogging career I wrote about my friend-Ruchel. She will be enjoying her 93rd Birthday on June 15th, and I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have her in my life. She has taught me so much about living and how I want to survive in my later years. We play Shanghai Rummy as often as we can. Unfortunately, I have a busy schedule and she lives about 40 minutes from me in Pasadena. I just saw her last week, and we have a lot of fun when we’re together. However, Ruchel, is very serious about her card games, so it’s all l business until we take a break for dinner, or when I shuffle between games. The only thing that I’m noticing is that her hands are not working as well as she would like. She has severe arthritis and is hard of hearing, but doesn’t even wear glasses! If a card falls on the floor, she is the first one to dive for it! It’s amazing to me the vitality she still possesses. We talk about many things, and she can sense when something is wrong, or I have had a bad week. Her insight astounds me and I just love our time together. Every time I leave, she says, I hope I’ll be alive to see you next time. I tell her don’t be silly and please don’t talk like that again! I often think about her leaving me and it upsets me. I’m her girlfriend in the truest sense of the word. We talk openly and freely about my life and hers. She gives me advice and I listen attentively. What will I do when she’s no longer around to nurture me with her wisdom? I think a part of my heart will die with her. So, today, I’m celebrating my friend Ruchel’s Birthday a bit early. She’s going to Boston next weekend for a family gathering, and she told me the exact dates when she will leave and come back. I bought her chocolate at the market before I arrived last week. It was a bag of Hersey Kisses, and she was extremely grateful. She kept saying, my friend Trish bought me these chocolates. We giggle like school girls.

Happy Birthday Ruchel, you’re an amazing woman and I truly love you!

Unforgettable Facebook Connections (Radio Interview)

Please listen to my interview today with Cheryl Resnick the host of the Unforgettable Facebook Connections radio show in regard to my novel “When I Remember Love.” I want to thank Cheryl Resnick and Brian Kirsch for their expertise and letting me use my voice to make a difference!

If you don’t see the flash player below to listen, click HERE to reload it.

Listen to internet radio with Unforgettable Facebook Connections on Blog Talk Radio

Two New Reviews for “When I Remember Love”

When I Remember Love received two new professional reviews.better-book-cover You can read the reviews on my site under Book Reviews or go right to the sources, Manic Readers and Romance Junkies.  Here is a taste:

Trish Silver provides a wonderful take on what life for a contestant on a reality television show is like after the last performance. She gives a remarkable view of the world beyond and how a star is born. The original music that was made for the novel only adds to the magical ambiance that Ms. Silver so marvelously crafts. This is a story for anyone who has ever been in love or ever dreamed of finding the special person meant for them.

If any of you have exciting news like this, please comment here and let us all know.


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