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This is an exciting romantic novel, by Trish Silver, a fabulous new author who weaves an endearing and timeless love story.  Ms. Silver is an insider in the entertainment business, and she offers an insightful look at what life is truly like for a reality singing superstar after the final performance. Despite the trials of fame, fortune and personal tragedy, the story embodies a truth that teaches the hearts and souls of readers because in the final analysis, love is all that really matters.

Ms. Silver is a natural born story-teller whose unabashed look at life is brilliant and insightful, and her story is a page turner written with a note of magic as well as a dose of inspiration for those contemplating a serious relationship. She especially describes sex in marriage as a gift to be enjoyed rather than something to be tolerated, taken for granted, or gotten over with quickly. This delightful and entertaining story is written with the honest intention of helping those who are considering marriage. It is both hot and sexy as well as provocative and intelligent. It also provides a thoughtful look at what’s necessary to achieve true marital bliss. It could very well serve as a primer for marriage, aptly entitled Marriage 101!

Lynne Berger is a journalist and free-lance writer, and the former founder and director of The Enchanted Forest Children’s Theatre and Learning Center in Tarzana, California.

Trish Silver provides a wonderful take on what life for a contestant on a reality television show is like after the last performance. She gives a remarkable view of the world beyond and how a star is born. The original music that was made for the novel only adds to the magical ambiance that Ms. Silver so marvelously crafts. This is a story for anyone who has ever been in love or ever dreamed of finding the special person meant for them.

Aidan Price, born in Texas, was raised by his mother after his father left them at the age of two. His musical talent was apparent at an early age and his mother encouraged its growth. Despite being teased by other kids for not liking sports, Aidan still pursued his love of music by singing in the school choir. By the time he was in high school, Aidan blossomed from an awkward child to a handsome teen with a handful of followers, especially after his fantastic job as the lead in the school performance of Grease. Later he began performing at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other high-end parties to supplement his income while in college. After losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident, he dropped out of college and formed a rock band. At the encouragement of his fans, Aidan auditioned for American Star and thus begins his exciting journey in the music industry. When Aidan agrees to meet his new music agent’s niece, he never dreams of the role she will come to play in his life.

Jenna Holden grew up as an only child, surrounded by love from her parents, Nate and Kate. They were a close knit family. Jenna’s mother was her best friend. Then suddenly Jenna loses Kate to brain cancer and her world is turned upside down. Jenna and her father fell into the routine of watching American Star, the reality television show, where talented singers perform in hopes of winning a recording contract. She became mesmerized by contestant Aidan Price whose beautiful voice brought comfort during her time of grief. Jenna is persuaded to go visit her Aunt Vanessa in Los Angeles, who happens to be a music agent and has just signed on none other than Aidan Price. Jenna’s aunt, who knows of her fondness of Aidan, invites Jenna to come with her to a lunch meeting with her newest mysterious client. When Aidan walks into the restaurant Jenna’s life is forever changed a second time.

Aidan and Jenna are instantly drawn to each other and are aware of little else in their surroundings. The two spend a magical time together and shortly after fly to Las Vegas to get married. They embark on a beautiful journey of love where their relationship is put to the test as Aidan’s rise to stardom begins to climb. The two will also have to deal with not only media scrutiny, but  also personal crises that threaten to tear apart their happy family.

WHEN I REMEMBER LOVE is a breathtaking display of enduring love through the strain of fame, personal tragedies, and conflicts. Aidan and Jenna are two characters that you bond with from the beginning and the depth in which they are developed throughout the story, as well as their passionate connection, will leave a lasting impression long after the last pages are turned.   Review by Romance Junkies

Aidan is one of the top contestants on American Star. Jenna is a huge fan of the show and Aidan. He’s not only stunningly gorgeous but has the voice of an angel. After the death of her mother, whom she considered to be one of her best friends, Jenna goes to visit Aunt Vanessa in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to Jenna, Aidan has just signed with Vanessa and she’ll be meeting him when she goes to lunch with her aunt. What follows is love at first sight for both of them. Will their love survive the pressures that accompany fame?

When I Remember Love is a fast paced contemporary romance that has it all. Love at first sight, a meteoric rise to fame with all that entails and tragedy. You name it, it’s there. It’s a really quick read. The flow is like white water rapids. Aidan and Jenna are joined by a very large cast of characters. While Aidan and Jenna’s love story and lives are the main story there are many subplots that add depth and drama. The book is also full of original songs that compliment the main storyline. Even though there are many explicit love scenes I would still rate it as sweet. I guess it’s the context that enables it to still manage to be sweet. If you want a love story that revolves around real commitment then this is the book for you. Review by Manic Readers

When I Remember Love i story that follows two two soul mates. Aidan is one of the top contestants on American Star. Jenna is a huge fan of the show and Aidan. He’s not only stunningly gorgeous but has the voice of an angel. After the death of her mother, whom she considered to be one of her best friends, Jenna goes to visit Aunt Vanessa in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to Jenna, Aidan has just signed with Vanessa and she’ll be meeting him when she goes to lunch with her aunt. What follows is love at first sight for both of them. Will their love survive the pressures that accompany fame?

When I Remember Love is a poignant story that follows two kindred spirits as their lives collide and their passion ignites, leading them to build a life together through circumstances that range from exhilarating and exciting to difficult and frightening. When Jenna, a young woman who is grieving the loss of her mother, is invited to stay with her aunt in Los Angeles, she has no idea that her life is about to change. It is there that she meets Aidan Price, a young singer who has come to Hollywood to compete on American Star, the immensely popular televised singing competition. Their connection–physically, romantically, and spiritually–is instant, and together they embark on a journey that tests their love and their commitment to each other.

Aidan and Jenna find themselves navigating the demanding music business and enduring the disturbing media scrutiny that comes with Aidan’s new found fame as America’s newest music sensation. Despite all the intrusions from the press, record company representatives, lawyers, and music producers, Aidan and Jenna’s deep love allows them to create a beautiful life together, which gives them the strength to face not only the pressures of international fame, but the personal hardships of devastating illness and difficult recovery. Theirs is a relationship built on sincere devotion that will inspire readers to believe in the power of true love.
-J.L. Goldsworthy, Author of “Approaching the Crossroads: Four Stories of Adolescents”


Hi Trish, Thank you for those gushing compliments! And I was only describing on the phone how I really felt about Ch. 29 of your book! You know, even just after reading this one chapter, I immediately saw this book being fought over for screen rights. In fact, when this book reaches the silver screen it will likely be a breathtaking movie, as long as some group of turkeys doesn’t get the screen rights and ruin the book.

Of course I’m not saying at all that this book should not be a book first, for as long as it wants to! It certainly should, whether or not you want it someday to be a movie. In fact I can see this book lasting a long, long time (and the movie too, if or when you choose that option). I think you and I will be gone long before this book is! (I don’t know if you like that! It could be a little scary! But you’ll also get tremendous enjoyment from your success with this book while you’re still alive, I believe. And you already do get wonderful enjoyment from just the act itself of writing, clearly.)

In fact, going back to the book as a book, I have never, ever seen anything like your writing. You already have your own voice, seemingly the voice of an adult whose child has somehow never died or become disabled, and who sees the world and all moments as if for the first time, with eyes and heart wide open (Jesus: ‘Except as ye become like little children…’). I’m not sure any other writers I’ve experienced can really go there, in that special way. The beauty of the way in which you seamlessly integrate love, sensuality, sexuality, and the creation of a soon-to-be-beloved child, is stunning, even revelatory. The life in those pages, I wanted to be my life. It felt so good while I was in that world, reading. I hated to leave that world! Where did you get that world from? Is that world of absolutely singing, brilliantly rainbowish love and passion, the world in which you actually live your life, like a magical dream? Does Ed love you in that wonderful way? Was your childhood like that, you lucky girl? You wrote the very way I want to live, to love, and the very way I want to be loved. Perhaps without meaning to, you taught me something about love. When people read this book and feel all that, they will simply be addicted, and you will sell and sell, and your dreams around this life of writing will become reality.

Some of your descriptions were of acts most of us already know very well (or at least remember well!), and yet your wording of the unfolding of those acts when bathed in love, was totally new, for me. I actually made the mistake of reading your chapter just before going to bed, and, frankly, I was so excited (and elated, even) that I could not go to sleep for several hours! I wanted Jenna to be mine. But that’s OK. I suppose when I do read the whole book, I probably won’t sleep for two months!

One especially lovely moment was when Jenna told Aidan she didn’t like a certain young woman she had just met, and Aidan, instead of belittling or critiquing her feeling, immediately said he knew that if she felt something like that, then there must be a very good reason, and so he would talk to that woman.

I even enjoyed your description of the tour bus, a description that I might have imagined ahead of time would be totally boring! Yet you somehow (almost invisibly) related and linked the (dead and dumb) bus to people and their feelings, bringing it alive. And also linked it particularly to the very special, even singular, love between Aidan and Jenna, almost in a way that suggested the bus itself was carrying their love and happiness from place to place, like a kind, devoted, happy machine. It was magic! Yes you do write magic! You create a living dream.

One reason I talked about the book becoming a wonderful movie is because as soon as I started reading it seemed that I was IN that world, IN that living dream, as if watching a movie, but perhaps a movie in which I also lived myself. I was IN Jenna and Aidan’s bedroom, and I almost felt embarrassed to be there, because I had no business being with something so private and so sacred-yet I was there, sorry you two!

Nuff, kiddo? OK. Lots of loving wishes for your loving, creating and blossoming, Alan
-Alan DiCenzo, Composer and Pianist


Dear Trish, “When I Remember Love” is a passionate and well written love story that captures your attention by the author’s detailed description of one of America’s hottest TV shows. The ensuing love story is compassionate, contemporary and very sexy. I enjoyed the book very much and found it a compelling reading. The music included is a very innovative idea and not found in any other books that I have read. Kudos to Trish Silver, as an up and coming, new, first time novelist.
-Barbara Fontaine, Business Professional


I have just finished the fantastic erotic, sexy, novel, “When I Remember Love,” by Trish Silver, and found it to be a very easy read, and so realistic.

I am mesmerized at how the author can provide uncanny feelings of how real people actually do live and love. It is a book of genuine love portrayed by Aidan and Jenna, and I just couldn’t put it down. It never ceases to amaze me how Trish can create such ingenious situations, scenes, and scenarios that make the reader want to be a part of their lives. Each chapter makes one want to read the next for fear something will happen that is unexpected or they have to know immediately what will transpire. She can create a situation that seems so real, and one that causes a person to think “outside the box.”

The characters come to life on these 384 pages and this is definitely a warm and tender totally believable love story.

I found the author most articulate, creative and extremely talented as she gives a breathtaking account of real “love in motion” written from her heart and personal life experiences.

“Two Thumbs Up” for this novel to become a Hollywood movie staring some very handsome guy like Jonathan Rhyes Meyers or Zac Efron and a beautiful warm and unassuming gal like Keri Russell or Jessica Alba. And….a great movie song track conceived by her talented songwriting team comprised of Judy Simpson and Alan DiCenzo, with all the compassion that a good movie deserves!
-Carolyn Eisen, Temple Administrator


Trish Silver’s book is a tribute to true love that is tested by time, circumstances and health issues. She created characters in the book who feel like friends and I felt drawn into their lives. I didn’t want the book to end. Trish used detailed descriptions to bring events to life. I look forward to her sequel.
-Charlotte Adair, Gift Planning Officer, Washburn Endowment Association, Topeka, Kansas


Dear Trish, I just completed reading your novel, When I Remember Love. I applaud you for completing your novel and for writing a story that, in my opinion, will definitely be a best seller! You have a great talent that is truly God given.

From the first sentence in Chapter 1 until the last sentence in Chapter 39, this novel had me mesmerized. I was thoroughly captivated by all your characters, which were very real to me as I was reading your story. This is not only a love story but it’s a story of the human spirit and how people deal with all aspects of life – birth, love, tragedy, illness, pain, passion, poverty, and so much more.

As a writer, you have the ability to bring the reader into the lives of your characters. As I read the novel, I was drawn into the love, passion, drama, humor of every character and the wonderful stories within your novel. You always left me, as a reader, wanting more and I couldn’t wait to read the remaining chapters. When you explained various surroundings, I was able to visualize every part of your descriptions. I felt as though I was there and part of the story.

Trish, I immensely enjoyed reading every word you wrote. I know writing this book has been a labor of love for you and I thank you from my heart for giving me the great pleasure of reading your outstanding novel!

This story should be a trilogy; I can’t wait for the sequel and to see your masterpiece on the big screen.
-Christine Wedge, Educator


When I Remember Love reads like an all-access backstage pass into the exciting world of a fictitious pop star, who comes to life in the pages of this book. Trish Silver provides the reader with a voyeuristic view of a classic love story that is as passionate and erotic as it is pure and tender. That it not only exists but thrives within a world as surreal as that of a superstar celebrity within the music industry and yet rings true on a level of normal family values speaks to the talent of this writer. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride that will keep you hanging on tightly to the end and leave you craving more. This story breaks the mold by challenging the stereotype of the ostentatious, hedonistic lifestyles of music superstars. When I Remember Love will have readers cheering like the fictitious fans of Aidan Price for him and his beautiful, devoted wife, Jenna.
-Judy Simpson, writer, poet, lyricist, artist and computer specialist


A gift for all of those who have given up on romantic love, infused with some of the most erotic love scenes that this reader has ever had the pleasure of reading. Trish Silver has presented a beautifully crafted love story dealing with social issues, inner struggles and the human spirit overcoming adversity. This book demonstrates how family love can triumph over tragedy. The descriptive sexual scenes draw the readers into this contemporary romance novel and leave them craving more.
-Leon Williams, film producer, and creator of the singles group, Conversations.


When I Remember Love‘ by Trish Silver is such an undeniably instant, masterful classic, and has so many different and yet organically harmonious faces, that I almost feel I need to write multiple, separate reviews. Each different ‘face’ or ‘book’ within the novel is already a beautiful masterpiece in itself. And when all these ‘books’ come together as one living, loving organism, the effect of the whole is almost indescribable in its grandeur, epic sweep, and yet (paradoxically!) downright embarrassing intimacy.

As a reader and reviewer, speaking honestly, I often felt placed in the embarrassing position of an intimate voyeur, invading the deeply private lives of the two main characters, namely Aidan, the superstar with a supremely golden singing voice, and his wife Jenna, so gifted in heart and mind and body, and evolved in her own right, as to become a gentle artist and teacher of love. In other words, the magical ability of this author to bring you straight into a room, scene or event, goes so far beyond mere literary description as to elude description by this reviewer.

Carried along by this magical entree, we as readers do not merely hear about the violent roller coaster ride which becomes the lives of these two deeply kind and loving individuals, but we actually take the ride ourselves, feeling its huge sweeps in the pit or our stomach, and its loving message in the private intimacy of our own heart. This is a monumental and totally unique story of love and struggle, unlike any work of fiction this reviewer has ever read.

Perhaps we might put this one-of-a-kind book in the category of ‘erotic, romantic and royal fiction,’ a category which we are forced to invent since, like other major creators throughout time, the author of this delicious work breaks entirely new ground. The loving sex scenes are as nothing this reviewer has ever seen, yet of a nature and essence which he has instinctively, if unconsciously, longed for in art for as long as he can remember. The incredible erotic detail in this work might in another work suggest an X-rating, or even pornography, and yet in this work, this intimate detail conveys an unashamed, untrammeled, uninhibited purity and love which actually seems to have the potential to alter the reader’s incoming attitudes toward sexuality and love. At least it had that effect on this reader. One way to describe this eroticism is to say that, at the right time, this would be the very book I would want to give to my own children to introduce them to sexuality and sexual love–even to the art of loving, useful sexual techniques! (Of course, not yet to my own 8-year-old daughter Nicole!) Another, perhaps simplistic way to describe this eroticism, is to remind ourselves of Michelangelo’s remarkable ‘David,’ created right under the eyes of the living, vigorous and tyrannical Inquisition. This work, perhaps without intending to be, is a teaching work, as well as a work of pure art.

The characters are so beautifully and deeply developed that they become our actual friends, and we live and feel and learn along with them. We might fall in love with one, and quite seriously ask the author where we can find that person. (‘They must be a friend of yours!’) Alas, I suspect she would answer, ‘nowhere.’ We might suffer for another terrible trauma, and the quiet way in which they are forced to face it, or for another almost random brush with death (a long and painful death, to be sure) and want to ask, how can we help? We might learn of another passion and loving cause, and feel we must make it our own, almost out of respect and admiration for a person who does not exist. Almost unbelievably kind, good, fair and yet totally human with almost all the same flaws I see in myself, these characters provide me with both personal hope and a kick in the pants. In these respects, this book is in the great tradition of ‘the common royals.’

The plot is utterly concealed until we live through it, and yet is, unbelievably, rolled out almost completely in the first chapter of just a single page or two. Epic and tender, intense, angry, weaving, soaring, falling, thrilling, even hovering, still for a time, yet arbitrarily but so realistically fateful–it’s all there in this plot. The narrator is at times serious, at times humorous, at times ominous, at times tearful, at times invisible–a perfect narrator for a perfect plot. The shock on the first page reverberates silently throughout a long a time of almost idyllic forgetting, and ‘yet someday…’ and so even the happiness is forever painted with the tinge of compassion and pain. The opposite is true as well. Even as the plot sinks into the most terrible and hopeless circumstances, hope is never abandoned, and love is never absent.

Throughout this work, there is always hope, there is always great beauty, there is always excitement and there is always love. And all these are organized and sequenced in a surpassing manner. This reviewer is actually not sure what more he could ask for in such a beautiful work, except that it be not a work of fiction, so does the ‘real’ world need this kind of love.

P.S. This reviewer notes and loves also the wonderful short poems and song lyrics by Judy Dee, inserted at various places in the novel, and always of surpassing beauty and quality, as well as perfectly appropriate for the situation at hand.
-Mario Stillman, Rocket Scientist


These days, all we seem to read about are stories of infidelity, betrayal and deceit. How refreshing to read a novel that portrays true marital love at its very best — including a romantic, sizzling sex life. Trish Silver’s novel, “When I Remember Love” is uplifting and inspirational. Rather than exploring the worst of human nature, it dares to instead focus on humanity’s nobler impulses. I’ve been editing books for many years, and I know something special when I see it. This is a great read for every soul who refuses to sell out his or her ideals.
-Mike Valentino, Editor


Hi Trish and Alan and Judy,

Congratulations on the successful launch of a truly magnificent literary work of art, When I Remember Love.

I felt privileged to have read the most wonderfully tasteful love story between the lovers Aidan and Jenna.

The story draws one in and permits them to feel as if he or she knows them personally. It was like I had written their story after Adain and Jenna honored me with writing their story from the inside.

Trish, you really captured the essence of love remembered and you told their story without stooping to prurient levels done to titillate the psyche. Kudos for tasteful verbiage that still conveyed pure love shared by only two.

Alan DiCenzo gave the story a masterful study in musical form. He too, captures the feelings one gets within this candid tale. I hope it gets shared among your readers.

Judy Simpson performed miracles with her insightful lyrics that delivers the punch as the lovers story carries all to that place we all hope to experience in our lifetime.

Sorry for going on so much. This is THE story of all stories. It ranks up there with “The Greatest Story Ever Told” in my humble opinion.

Thanks for sharing,
-M. Paul Lackey

P.S. Trish, you have my permission to publish my comments in total or edited form as you deem fit. I know by your “When I Remember Love” you will be using it tastefully.


11 Responses to “Book Reviews”

  • When I Remember Love is the first book I’ve read from cover to cover since college. Shame on me, but I’m not a big reader. I guess it was meant for me to read the book. I was on a two week cruise and I set aside time every day to read for an hour. I was hooked on it when I started. I couldn’t wait for my reading time each day. It had me emotionally conected to the characters and kept me interested in what was going to happen next. I loved the passion, the goodness and the strength in the characters. I hope to think of myself as possessing these traits and as I read more I related more. I can’t wait to read Trish’s next book.

  • Haree Kanoo:

    I stumbled upon your website by googling, of all things, “Joys of Anal Sex”, and I just cannot state how much I *LOVED* the book, and music!

    This goes to PROVE that you can write so eloquently and beautifully that even a proudly gay man can get excited and emotional. I cried like a baby, sported a huge erection, and yes, laughed along with your characters.

    My partner, Brandon Pumpler, wondered why I would take so long to get to bed, so once I finished, I shared with him. Do I *NEED* to say the mood we were both in?? Let’s just say we had to change the sheets the next morning. *wink wink*

    SO YAY TRISH!!! CONGRATS on your masterpiece!!! I would love to see you expand your horizons and see how well you would write with a male/male couple, including portions of intimacy considered taboo, such as genital/anal fondling – I know you would write so beautifully about it!

    Love you, dumpling! When’s the next book??

  • Howard Fuchs:

    Your book is fantastic, I’ve been reading it to my 18 year old daughter, she’s old enough to have sex now…I want her to learn about romantic relationships and what sex is all about. The problem is, every time I read it, I get so turned on that it makes it hard to read to my lovely daughter when I have a raging hard on. Still, it’s a great book to read and you’ve done a wonderific job!

  • Cheryl Resnick:

    Not only did I have the honor of reading this magnificent novel but I was so very blessed to have author, Trish Silver, as a guest on my blog talk radio show, Unforgettable Facebook Connections. The strangest thing is that although, I absolutely adored the book, from cover to cover, now that I am finished with it, it is having much more of an impact on me. The characters were so vivid and so welcoming that I cannot get them out of my mind. I love the way Trish was so descript in sharing their lovemaking and yet, I did not feel the novel was trashy at all…..if anything, it was so pure, so innocent and so beautifully written. I cannot wait to meet “my Aidan.” Thank you so much, Trish!

  • I comment whenever I especially enjoy a article on a website or if I have something to add to the conversation. It’s triggered by the passion displayed in the article I looked at. And on this post Book Reviews (“When I Remember Love by Trish Silver) | When I Remember Love. I was moved enough to drop a comment 😉 I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be just me or does it look like like a few of the responses appear like left by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing on additional places, I would like to follow you. Could you make a list all of your communal pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  • thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website genuinely stands out : D.

  • Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such great info being shared freely out there.

  • My brother recommended me to this blog. He was absolutely right. This post really meets my expectations. It’s hard to imagine how much time I spent on that information. Thanks – Melanie from

  • siteadmin:

    Thank you for reading my blogs. I will have to blog more often.

    My best,
    Trish Silver

  • siteadmin:

    Hi Phil,

    I wanted to thank you for your heartfelt review. How have you been?

    My best,

  • Some truly good articles on this internet site, thanks for contribution. “Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do.” by Sarah Knowles Bolton.

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