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Erotic Love Scene from “The Price of Love” by Trish Silver

The content in this blog is intended for mature readers and not for MINORS! Parental guidance is advised and strongly recommended. If your love life is a little gray, maybe it’s time to explore the colors of sensual love.

In this scene, a devoted married couple rekindles their love after a painful separation. Hopefully, you will enjoy a short excerpt from Price of Love, now in progress. It’s the sequel to my novel When I Remember Love, which is available at Amazon and on Kindle.

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Aidan lay next to Jenna in their bed and watched her sleep for a moment.

She slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

“I missed you and had to see you,” she whispered.

“Taste you.”

His hands tightened in her hair.

“Swallow you.”

“God in heaven.” He moaned and closed his eyes.

His mouth was ravenous for hers as his tongue plunged deep inside her mouth.

She was naked under the covers, and his shirt came off easily between kisses.

He cupped her face as he pressed a hot kiss on the side of her neck.


“It’s too dark in here,” he said, “I can hardly see you.”

She turned over and reached for the table lamp, flipping the switch. Suddenly, an intense blue light banished the darkness and set the mood. They took the opportunity to devour one another with their eyes. Primal lust took over as he felt her sweet tongue sucking his. The peachy smell of her skin mixed with the womanly musk scent of her aroused body almost drove him crazy with desire.


“Got to feel you,” he muttered, reaching under the sheets, dying to touch one of her engorged breasts. Jenna had other ideas. She grabbed his hand and shoved it down, between her legs, telling him exactly what she wanted him to do.


He quickly took off his pants and under shorts and tossed them onto the wood floor. Then he slid under the covers and felt the softness of the cotton percale sheets, as he lay next to her voluptuous naked body.


Starving with emotional hunger, he slid his hand between her legs again and tangled his fingers in her blond curls. He was still kissing her aggressively, but wishing he could see his progression. He was content for now to touch her, but when his fingertips brushed against her clit, she thrust her tongue harder against his begging him silently to keep going. He continued to stroke her, with tiny flicks, deeper caresses, until she had to pull her lips from his to catch her breath. He plunged his fingers deep inside her, first one… then two. Her body trembled and she screamed his name just once and then made mewing sounds of pleasure. He could feel the hot creamy welcome of her sex close tightly around his fingers as she climaxed.


When he began to withdraw, Jenna thrust against him demanding more. He loved the way she was multi-orgasmic and replaced his finger with his mouth. God, he loved her pussy and the taste of her. Her hands became entangled in his hair as he pleasured her, and he would look up occasionally to look at the glow on her beautiful face. He used his long fingers to his advantage and found that special spot inside her that would give her the kind of orgasm many women never experienced. He knew he found it when her body started shaking, she flung her head back, and her nails dug deeply into his scalp as she screamed his name. God she was hot! His cock was rock hard, and he needed some relief.


For a few silent moments, Aidan slithered his way up next to Jenna and kissed her lips softly…she could taste her scent on that kiss. She moved her hand down and felt his stiff erection. She summoned him to lie on his back. Eagerly, he did what she said and waited for his skillful wife to please him. She kissed his lips again before she started her descent.


Jenna started by placing soft wet kisses on his mouth, earlobes, and neck. She grabbed his finger and started to warm up her mouth by putting it in her mouth and making loud sucking noises and staring into his eyes. He closed his eyes imagining what her mouth would feel like on his rigid cock. She was making her way down his body with little wet kisses, stopping at his belly button long enough to heat up his brainwaves and have him silently pleading. He looked down at her and grabbed a chunk of her hair.

“Don’t tease me, Baby,” he begged.


She blew some warm moist air onto his cock and puckered her lips and began to nibble lightly.  Ever so slowly she glided the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft of his manhood and back up again. He begged her to go faster, but she continued slowly wanted him not to come too quickly. Then she took the whole head of his beautiful cock in her mouth for one full suck, and let it pop out with one loud sexy slurp. She put his cock back into her mouth with her hands, as far as she felt comfortable and increased the speed and pressure using her hands as a bonus.  She always paid attention to what was going on inside her mouth, making sure it was nice ‘n slippery, keeping her teeth out of the way, running his head against the roof of her mouth for a bumpy ridge effect. Aidan was thrashing his head back and forth and moaning, wondering if he could hold on for much longer. When she licked the tip of the head while it was inside her mouth and swirled on it with her tongue…he lost it!


Jenna looked up at him seductively through her long curly damp hair. He started to quiver, and she could feel his warm nectar fill her mouth. She loved the taste of him, a sweet/salty combination.  He loved to watch her swallow his offerings.


Next, he held onto her for dear life telling her how much he loved her. She was his wife, his sex-kitten, and the mother of his children and the unborn child growing inside her.



To be continued…


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