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My Friend Ruchel

Earlier in my blogging career I wrote about my friend-Ruchel. She will be enjoying her 93rd Birthday on June 15th, and I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have her in my life. She has taught me so much about living and how I want to survive in my later years. We play Shanghai Rummy as often as we can. Unfortunately, I have a busy schedule and she lives about 40 minutes from me in Pasadena. I just saw her last week, and we have a lot of fun when we’re together. However, Ruchel, is very serious about her card games, so it’s all l business until we take a break for dinner, or when I shuffle between games. The only thing that I’m noticing is that her hands are not working as well as she would like. She has severe arthritis and is hard of hearing, but doesn’t even wear glasses! If a card falls on the floor, she is the first one to dive for it! It’s amazing to me the vitality she still possesses. We talk about many things, and she can sense when something is wrong, or I have had a bad week. Her insight astounds me and I just love our time together. Every time I leave, she says, I hope I’ll be alive to see you next time. I tell her don’t be silly and please don’t talk like that again! I often think about her leaving me and it upsets me. I’m her girlfriend in the truest sense of the word. We talk openly and freely about my life and hers. She gives me advice and I listen attentively. What will I do when she’s no longer around to nurture me with her wisdom? I think a part of my heart will die with her. So, today, I’m celebrating my friend Ruchel’s Birthday a bit early. She’s going to Boston next weekend for a family gathering, and she told me the exact dates when she will leave and come back. I bought her chocolate at the market before I arrived last week. It was a bag of Hersey Kisses, and she was extremely grateful. She kept saying, my friend Trish bought me these chocolates. We giggle like school girls.

Happy Birthday Ruchel, you’re an amazing woman and I truly love you!

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