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The Plight of the Homeless

In my novel, I profile a homeless woman. I have always had a deep fondness for people less fortunate than myself. We live in the land of plenty, yet still have innocent children living on the streets. This is a horror story in the making. There are little provisions provided for these children, and it’s a poor reflection of our country as a free nation. Homelessness with children involved is increasing at an alarming rate.

Because of the economy people are losing their jobs, homes and 70% of them have been living paycheck to paycheck. They find themselves on the street and in some cases; they become vagrants, which in most cases classifies them as criminals. For many homeless people, this life consists of waiting in lines at food banks, occasional arrests, periodic harassing and finding a clean place to sleep that won’t put them in harm’s way.  It’s an appalling life that one cannot fully understand, unless put in that situation.

I want to be a special voice for the homeless and someday be able (through charitable contributions and book sales) to open up homeless sanctuaries around the country that will teach these poor souls a new vocation, spiritual guidance and counseling. A drug free environment is crucial and the schooling for these children is mandatory at a local public school. All school clothes and supplies will be new and given to the children to increase self-esteem.  They will be able to stay in the facility for eighteen months while they build their self-esteem and self-confidence with the help of psychological counseling. After the allotted time, they will be given money to start their new lives and the sanctuary will find them employment.  Would you join me in my quest to end homelessness in America and be a voice of motivation for these unfortunate individuals?

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