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The Royal Wedding – Is it love or…?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate

 In the anxious days leading up to the royal wedding, Prince William and his long time love Kathryn, there is much still to be planned. As the clock ticks down to another day in history that seems to bring the world together in excitement over love and the fairy tale wedding, we grow excited about watching it blossom in media hype.

 As the weeks pass, much has been discussed in the media hype and a larger element in which most have discussed have revolved around money and Kathryn’s possible motivation for what we in the U.S. call as “Gold-Digging” or “Power-hungry.”

 As we all remember, Prince William’s mother the beloved Princess Diana also endured much in the wake of her storybook wedding.  A dress of imaginable proportions, the memorable carriage ride and of course let us not forget about the ring that weighed down her  delicate finger.

 All of these are items that Kathryn must be very overwhelmed with and so the thought arises now of the motivation for breaking tradition for their own day of nuptials.

 In Great Britain, prenuptial agreements are not a common occurrence even though the population does seem to see richer times than our wealthy and famous here in the USA.  Prince William has been ‘encouraged’ to do so but I also believe that in memory of his mother that the Prince wishes to tradition in play.

 Over the years, the Royal Family has been plagued with many divorces and even his brother, Prince Harry has found himself in the media with an on and off again relationship with his blonde beauty Chelsy.  Even one of the young Princes’ uncles has tipped tradition having two ex-wives.

 Rumor has it that legal representation of the royal family advises Prince William to consider the “prenuptial option” but  there has been no confirmation that he will take their strong advice. We can only speculate that he will keep with tradition and hold hope that the stress of being the new ‘Princess’ in the public eye of the world will not falter the love story that has developed in Buckingham Castle.

 You go Kathryn!  We are all pulling for you and your future, as we do not envy the shoes you must fill nor do we think you would not have even considered this if you did not think you could handle it.

 May the future bring them happiness, love and a new family to carry the monarchy name with pride.


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