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MARRIAGE 101: Speaking of Sex

Embracing Couple

Embracing Couple by artist Laura Fergeson

There are a lot of things one can learn from the union of Aidan and Jenna Price.  Sure, they’ve got a lot going for them. They’re young, extremely attractive, affluent, and sensually “awake.”  But Aidan and Jenna have also begun a powerful foundation for their marriage through exploring sexual intimacy – which bonds them strongly together, and helps them to weather the future. 

Both see the value of surprise, imagination and spontaneity in their sexual adventures. They love the delight of exploring each other’s bodies, and talking about what excites them, what brings them to the brink of ecstasy; and they enjoy the talk together throughout the acts of pleasing one another.  Both are keenly engaged and invested in bringing the other to completion, whenever possible:  trembling, or even screaming, satisfaction. And they have no strict rules on what words they use to love each other.  Of course, this led to their having to install soundproofing in their bedroom, after their young daughter heard what she interpreted as sounds of pain coming from them, one night.  

In earlier generations, people would classify one another through calling one kind of language “dirty” or “cheap” — and another kind–“decent” or “romantic.”  But today, such classifications don’t hold much weight in reality.  Whatever words suit both lovers can be just fine, and can enhance the arousal for either – giving a man a stronger erection, bringing a woman closer to a satisfying climax. 

Aidan and Jenna, throughout their intimate contact, talk and caress each other with intense love and affection, regardless of what words come to them spontaneously, from “darlin’” to “whore.”  And the location for love might be a concrete bench in their private shower, or the back of their car, at the ocean.  The exploration of intimacy in a marriage helps form the glue that keeps two people together.

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