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Locks of Love

Many of us in our daily lives may have come across someone whose child has had some need for the services provided by “Locks of Love” and not even known it.  Some of us might have known many that have unselfishly donated their own hair to help “Locks of Love.” Each of these instances has shown a passion to help others in the time of need. I decided I would read further about their cause and learn additional information regarding their foundation.  What I found out was truly unique and amazing and thought I would like to share it with my readers.

Did you know?

  • Those children (under21) lost their hair not just due to cancer but other medical conditions as well.
  • They provide custom made prosthetics from donated real human hair can retail from $3,000-6,000 each. Only the wearer of these can remove them by a vacuum seal that is used to keep the prosthetic in place. Swimming, running, gymnastics are accomplished without fear of losing their self-confidence.
  • All natural hair colors, perms and even gray hair are accepted for a donation. Gray hair is sometimes sold to help offset costs.
  • Some of the top celebrities such as Russell Crow, Partia de Rossi, Katie Couric and Ann Curry have donated. Even an NHL athlete Scott Hartnell donated his hair.
  • In Middleton, Ohio, a four-year-old grew his hair for three years despite the looks that others gave him and donated 13” of hair to the project.
  • Some salons all over the country provide free haircuts to those donating to “Locks of Love.”

I had watched a documentary on the Health Channel months ago on “Locks of Love.” These prosthetics go through an amazing process of measuring, sorting, and hand sewing each hair follicle and then styling for the child’s face.  These children may go through as many as 10-15 wigs over the course of their young years depending on their growth spurts, but I was touched by the care put into these and how the “Locks of Love” charity has provided in its services.

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