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A Blind Date… and the Rest is History.

 A business partner and friend are celebrating twenty-two years of wedded bliss. She and her husband’s story is one of pure trial and tribulation based on the idea that loves strength will stand true in the face of adversity.

Her story starts with the blind date that two mutual friends had decided to set up for both individuals. Each of them had had their fill of failed relationships, and both had been extremely gun-shy about giving love another shot, but they did it to humor their friends.  That night, despite the mutual attraction, their date was cut extremely short by what you might call a change of destiny, but he left with her phone number and a promise to contact her for a trip to the beach the next weekend.

Three weeks went by and she never heard from him, so she decided to go to check on her mutual friend who had moved from her home and into a new place out in the boonies of a small nearby town.  She reached her destination and visited with her friend for a few moments only to bring up the subject of her ‘blind-date’ suitor. The reply was, “Oh. He is on his way here!”

Being angry she crinkled her nose, placed a hand on her hip and decided she would stay put and confront him on that so-called invitation to the beach that never happened.  It turned out mutual friends had been talking to them and found the attraction was still there. It was just a matter of getting them together in a more intimate setting.

After a wonderful spaghetti dinner, a few glasses of wine with dear friends, the moment happened and so did the first kiss.  From that point forward they have endured horrible trials, deaths, surgeries, family altercations, losing everything they owned and starting over, and now  the couple continues their love story into their twenty -second year of marriage and finds themselves still together and learning how to live with a disability that has rendered them into a whole new world.

Their love is still truly apparent and extremely real. I have to admire how they both have stood by their vows and their undying love in order to continue to show the world that no matter what happens, love will prevail and withstand the test of anything… not just time.

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