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Will the price of love be too great to endure?

Serious brain injury from a violent force can kill a person when and where it happens, or develop potentially fatal accompanying conditions–such as hypoxia and hypotension. The first–inadequate oxygen supply circulating in the cells; the second–abnormally low blood pressure.  These are but 2 of the numerous complications that can result–residual effects of blunt force trauma to the brain, as with the auto accident in which Aidan Price nearly lost his life.  

When this happened to Aidan in “When I Remember Love,” they had shared a strong and passionate marriage.  The results of such brain trauma can be terrifyingly unpredictable–and devastating.  This tragic event occurred to Aidan just as he was returning from his triumphant European tour, at the peak of his powers as a world-class singer and performer. It immediately begins changing the course of his and Jenna’s life together, and the lives of their four precious children. 

Aidan’s career is shattered almost overnight.  Jenna is someone who shows amazing strength in adversity, and pulls her family close around her, supporting everyone (especially her husband), and begins to regroup and plan a career of her own.  As Aidan has to submit to extensive rehabilitation methods and treatment, she needs to keep their family stable, financially, and emotionally. This will bring the lovers to the brink of their endurance.  Jenna has already survived, and gone into remission, after chemotherapy for cancer, and is now pregnant with their 5th child.  Their new challenges are certain to test what Jenna and Aidan have with each other; how strong are their bonds of love, and family; and will they be able to withstand the bizarre changes that begin to happen to Aidan. 

A brain-injured man can have inexplicable mood-swings, sudden violent or inappropriate behaviors, including (but not limited to) bouts of rage, the impatience of a child, even deep, sudden depression over seemingly small things that wouldn’t bother others. There also can be periods of confusion; inability to focus or complete a task; falling asleep in a sudden fatigue.  Nausea and headaches are common, after such injury, as are seizures with little or no warning.  The trauma to all family members only begins with the accident itself.  The full extent of the impact upon one’s family may not be realized for months, or even longer, depending on the severity of the injury, and how much of the brain has been affected.

These are the harsh realities now faced by Aidan Price, his much-loved, and passionate wife, and children.  It’s anyone’s guess if he will recover fully or not; and if he will ever be, again, the Aidan that Jenna has loved with all her might and heart, and whose children adore and worship him.  In “The Price of Love” this marriage and family will experience a heart-tearing chain of events that soon race out of control, threatening everything Aidan and Jenna have built together with the intensity of their love.  They will be forced by such events to fight desperately to find their way back to each other, again, and the rare and enduring love they had shared.

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