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Advice to Women for Finding Love

I had an older Brother, who was just twenty-two months older than me. Let’s just say that I had an early education about what men liked in a woman.

Even then it seemed to me that most men were afraid of rejection. They talked the big talk and walked the big walk, but it was the fear of a girl saying no to them that really scared them. I noticed the assertive girls tended to have more boys in their lives. They didn’t wait for things to happen. They made them happen! The beautiful girls would sit at the dance and wait for the guys to ask them to dance, while the not-so-attractive girls would grab the boys and make them dance. I would name those girls, the ones with the perky personalities.

It seemed as the girls matured into womanhood, the sound of a woman’s voice could drive a man away. It helped if they listen to their own voice in a recorder and then adding some sweetness and warmth to it. Men can’t stand whiny voices; they’re irritating to their ears.

Sex appeal is very important. Practice your walk and wiggle your body just a little. It’s a big turn on to a man.

The most romantic gesture a single woman can make is to invite her man for a home cooked meal. Yes, the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. The reason men love their mothers so much is because she nourished him. And yes, men love to be babied by women they feel attracted to.  A house date is a great way to start a close relationship. It offers the ambiance for intimate conversations.

Be emotionally open and giving. Don’t ever be afraid to express interest and show him that you genuinely care. Every man loves to be admired just like women do. If you find him attractive, tell him. You’ll really make him feel special, just like a man charms you when he tells you that you’re pretty. It works both ways.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be carefree and fun loving. You can touch him often to show him that you care. He will be mesmerized by you and won’t be able to get you out of his mind.

My next Blog will be “Give Sex the Time it Deserves”

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