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Aidan and Jenna had enjoyed a blissful union. Jenna embodied Aidan’s dreams: as his muse, his love, his very heart’s core, giving him four beautiful, wise children, and fulfilling a man’s deepest yearnings. She created a home of peace, contentment, inspiration—and refuge–from the immense pressures of winning “American Star”, which had rocketed him to the pinnacle of success, as a rare, evocative and thrilling pop singer.

Their love letters written (in “Price of Love”) during a heart-wrenching but drastically needed separation, tells the harrowing story of tumultuous new turns in their lives. Erratic changes in Aidan’s behavior—even evident in some of his letters–after his shattering, near-fatal car accident, were not anticipated by either of them. Nor was Jenna prepared for what would happen to the man she had worshiped, passionately loved, and thought she knew.

Their letters, during this two-month separation, trace the couple’s desperate struggle to keep their love, their marriage, and family, intact. The odds are stacked cruelly against them, both physically and emotionally, as Jenna’s leukemia-weakened body carries a new child, whose very birth might bring sadness and tragedy. Aidan’s brain-trauma journey is one from which he may not be able to recover. They both come to realize that these are the risks with which they are now faced.

Appearing in my Blog will be samples of these letters Jenna and Aidan wrote–to hold on to the rare bliss they have known as husband and wife. They are a testament to an enduring passion, a deep and committed love; and also, letters of their fears of losing one another, and anger at that possibility, after the extreme joys they had found together. Can they reach a new plateau of hope and renewal, of love and marriage, and their children’s future? This will be revealed in “Price of Love” in intimate detail: the story of a man and woman desperately in love, against staggering odds.


  • Alan:

    Yummy! Oh, I wish I had some love letters in my own life! I loved reading the first book, “When I Remember Love,” and ever since, I’ve found myself wondering, is there a Jenna out there for me, and can I love her and be her Aidan? This mouth-watering introduction makes it hard now for me to resist buying and reading the second book. And I thought I didn’t even like “romance novels”! Hmmm…is it coming out soon?

  • i’m a fan of trish silver’s writing, i read “when i remember love” and really enjoyed it i can’t wait for the sequel, “price of love”. it sounds really exciting and i’m looking forward to the love letters between jenna and aiden.

  • Vickie:

    Having read “When I Remember Love”, I can hardly wait to hear how this married pair are going to get through the tragic events they faced at the end. So I’ll be anxious to read the sequel, “Price of Love” just as soon as it’s available.
    It’s rare to read about mature, married love without shame. This couple may have it all if they survive.

  • Luigia:

    I love it, love, love it..!!!

    I hope this sequel will be published as soon as possible!
    I love to read about maried couple with children…and I’ve the feeling that the sequel will satisfy my thirst of angst with an happy ending..!!!!

  • siteadmin:


    I wanted to thank you for your review. It always feels great to have a fan/friend like your work.

    Your friend,

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