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Marriage #101

I decided to begin a new blog series about love, commitment and sex in the holy union called marriage. When I wrote When I Remember Love, it was very important for me to write about a couple who were deeply in love and devoted to each other. Jenna and Aidan came to me in a dream and that illusion began my career as a writer. This inspirational couple has taught me about trust, commitment and unconditional love. Even in the face of adversity their vows to each other never wavered and their romance was always kept alive by one another. I did my research for this book and interviewed many married couples to find out what was their secret to a happy successful union. In this blog series, I hope that you will be inspired to keep the passion and trust alive in your relationship. This is not an easy task and requires great dedication and effort on the part of both spouses.

Does the honeymoon really have to end?

Infuse romance into your everyday life by simply showing each other that you care. Calling each other pet names like Baby, Boo-boo, Honey, Sweetie and Darlin is a great way to have your very own communication. Make time each day for real conversations and not just about the bills or discussing the children. Kiss and hug each other often. Leave little love quotes on his/her pillow like, “Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love.”  ~Virgil. Fight clean, everyone bickers. In any long-term relationship, both people need to air their differences productively. Very often arguments result into proving your right is extremely overrated and both need to resolve their disputes in a civilized manner. A tender touch of the hand or a wink of the eye can end the argument easily. Apologies if warranted are very well received too. Please don’t ever go to bed mad…it’s not healthy, and if you have to give in and apologize, so what.

Stay tuned for the next blog about keeping the flame alive and enjoying great sex!

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