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When I Remember Love

Are you one of millions of people who sat glued to their television sets each week watching their favorite reality talent contestant perform, cheering them on, voting for them, and – if they survive to break through as potential stars – following their budding careers?

I admit that I got caught up in the excitement one season and became a fan of an idol who inspired me to explore my own talents. So, I have written a novel that came to me in a dream about a fictitious pop star discovered on a fictitious TV talent competition show.

I know mine isn’t the first story told about an undiscovered talent’s humble beginnings and the road that led them into the spotlight on a hit TV talent show and culminated in a life-changing victory. However, where those stories end, mine is just beginning.

When I Remember Love takes readers along on the journey of a newborn star who discovers his soul mate while on the verge of superstardom.

How does one balance a normal family life while swept up in the exciting, frenetic life of a superstar? Can love survive in such a surreal environment? Will it stand the test of time under those circumstances?

Readers of my novel get a glimpse behind the concert stage and, for mature readers, into the bedroom of hot superstar, Aidan Price, and his beautiful wife Jenna, whose passion ignites on the pages of my book. You can learn more about my novel by going to

One Response to “When I Remember Love”

  • Joan Edgington:

    Trish Silver used her talent and extraordinary skills in writing her first book. In “When I Remember Love” she developed in intriguing plot about the pop style world and the great love between two very special people. The character development was excellent. It was easy for the reader to become engrossed in their family life—relishing in the beauty of their love and praying for a positive solution to their problems. The poems, lyrics , and music are very special and truly enhanced the story. If you enjoy romances, this book is not to be missed!
    Congratulations to the author and very best wishes in all future writings.
    Joan Edgington, Cambria,CA

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